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There may be mis-match between what appears to be true and what feels right within you.

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One thing is for sure, is that Scorpio has an inbuilt BS detector. If nothing else, these painful lessons may have helped you realise where you may have set the bar too low in a job, a relationship, or what you allowed yourself to be available for.


In the birth chart, Jupiter highlights what you are naturally good at or comes with ease, where you seek to grow, and where you find faith and meaning in life. Read more. Home Login. Buy Now. Learn More.

Mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces mood pic. Starling theastrolarium July 8, They have the social circle AND the willingness to be open about their emotions, so blockages in emotional expression aren't too common.

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Their emotions typically manifest as anger, however. Starling theastrolarium July 14, They are doers and don't spend time dwelling on things. They pick themselves up and dust themselves off easily in the face of most emotions, but stress is a weakness. It's key for these folks to have an active channel for stress, like exercise. Blocking Inhibition weakness for Sagittarius: the foolhardy.

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The blocking Inhibition weakness is at a peak: radical rebelliousness, lack of foresight, impatience, presumption, rashness. Being ready to all excesses, all immoderations; taking the most absurd or the riskiest bets. Trying to reach the unreachable star, running away towards the absolute, the infinity, the unlimited.

The instinct of self-preservation is reduced to zero.


Unadapted Excitation slowness for Sagittarius: the megalomaniac. The need to organize and master applies to anything gigantic, immense, extraordinary, colossal. Imagination is carried away into mythomania, the delusion of being controlled, the search for greatness or for mythical heroism. Unquenchable quest for an insane power. Energizing identification to exceptional beings, or empty solemnity that impresses in order to hide the void of a spineless personality; vain hallucinated ambitions against a backdrop of ineffectualness to set oneself a realistic action framework.

Ultraparadoxical phase for Sagittarius: the tower of Babel. One wants to integrate and make cooperate the most irreducibly antagonist sides, the most radically alien viewpoints. Great mishmash, ridonkulous associations.

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Social hyper-conditioning while aiming at originality: the parlor revolutionary, the self-righteous nonconformist, actions that are inconsistent with the displayed ethics. The megalomaniac-tower of Babel has delusions of grandeur.

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