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Midweek is a good time for publishing something or sending off some revisions, as sweet Venus meets retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication. These eclipses have been transformative, and not always the easiest. Mercury retrograde continues to find you working through financial setbacks, perhaps via delayed payments or tax bureaucracy. Midweek there is an ease to these tough conversations once Mercury meets the planet of money, Venus, helping to forgive any delays in payment. There is a big boost in confidence that allows you to share your ideas with the world as action planet Mars harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, making it easy for you to cover a lot of ground.

Leo season opens you up to traveling, either mentally through books or physically on planes. The planet of love, Venus, meets with retrograde Mercury, helping you address touchy topics in your partnerships with emotional intelligence. You can go over things that have been said that hurt your feelings, or better yet, the things that made you feel good!

Leo season activates the sector of your chart related to deep intimacy and transformation, so whatever commitments have been prominent must follow suit as you merge resources or try to understand others on a less-than-superficial level.

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Cancer season was crunch time for you, dear Aquarius—you had so much to get done! Now that Leo season has arrived, you can spend your summer with the people that you feel complete you. Leo is your opposite sign, overseeing your house of partnerships. When the sun enters Leo on Monday, you start a new chapter in your relationships.

Once Venus moves into Leo this weekend, you can attract the types of partners that are ideal for you—someone that helps you feel comfortable being yourself. Use Leo season to focus on your health and daily regimen.

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This can be by literally taking care of your heart, or simply trying a new hair care routine. Midweek, action planet Mars harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, helping you address your responsibilities at work with bold authority and an outstanding work ethic. Before the weekend, smooth things over with lovers and friends as retrograde Mercury meets sweet Venus, helping you express your affection. Good news Aries: The most intense dynamic of the year is pretty much done! The sun leaves Cancer for Leo on Monday, as does Venus on Saturday, helping you get out of the house and spend more time doing things that make you happy.

Midweek, sweet Venus meets retrograde Mercury, making it a good time to talk to your family or roommates about your feelings. Communicate your truth—even if it might not be totally clear, it will come from a place of authenticity and emotional intelligence. Your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with expansive Jupiter, helping you get your creative vision out into the world. Leo season brings your home life to the foreground.

For instance, a Freudian slip becomes a charming expression of your love. Venus moves into Leo on Saturday, helping you make your home an extra beautiful space that brings you pride. Leo season finds you bopping around the neighborhood, making appointments, and having important conversations. You can use this time to learn about yourself, do some research, write in your journal, and get familiar with the qualities that make you an outstanding individual. For the coming weeks, try to celebrate your creativity and intelligence. Money has been a tricky topic recently, but once sweet Venus meets your retrograde planetary ruler Mercury midweek, you can catch a little break and figure out a smart way to attract a cash flow.

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Venus moves into Leo on Saturday, helping you do more research to figure out how to support yourself in immaterial ways, too. Getting your money right is something that you have to actively engage with by taking an honest look at your resources and planning a budget. On Wednesday, Venus and Mercury meet, helping you consciously express the things that are closest to your heart. Action planet Mars connects with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, on Thursday, and you can find yourself confidently spending your money.

Try to budget while you can—Mars and Jupiter are two planets that can burn a hole in your pocket!

Taurus Horoscope - October 2019

This weekend, money planet Venus moves into Leo, helping you attract resources and some luxurious things to support your journey. What's in the stars for you in July?

Taurus Love Horoscope 12222

Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Capricorn is a hard-working sign known for having a strong work ethic, so this is a beautiful time to practice career-manifestation magic. When the moon is in Capricorn, this does not mean the start of Capricorn season, but rather simply the sign in which the moon is currently transiting through.

January 6 — Partial Solar Eclipse : If you're a superstitious witch, perhaps hold off on that work-manifesting spell. The same date, January 6, there's a partial solar eclipse. Solar eclipses can leave us feeling energetically drained. Scientifically, a solar eclipse is when the moon's shadow blocks the sun. So while they're cool to watch, if you view the sun as a sacred source of power, it's often safest to lay low during solar eclipses considering the huge power of what's taking place.

January 20 — Aquarius Season Begins : Aquarius is a water-bearing sign associated with individuality, helping others, and otherworldly, futuristic, alien-like traits.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Celebrate the start of this season by acting as goofy as you want and engaging in local activism. January 21 — Full Moon in Leo Supermoon : The moon is at its most magnificent state during a full moon. This phase marks the completion of a cycle. During the period in which the full moon moves through bold Leo, perform a ritual or meditation to boost your self-confidence. January 21 — Total Lunar Eclipse : During a total lunar eclipse , the earth passes directly between the sun and moon, and the moon goes into shadow.

Eclipses shake things up and sometimes force outcomes that were meant to be like breakups or career changes. Always expect the unexpected during an eclipse, so as this occurs on the same day as the full moon, stick with a low-risk meditation for self-confidence. January 31— Saturn Sextile Neptune : Beware of over-indulgence as we're tempted by idealism, as discussed in your horoscopes , during this transit.

February 4 — New Moon in Aquarius : Celebrate this new lunar cycle and the moon is in the otherworldly sign of Aquarius by wearing something over-the-top you've been nervous about wearing, like a loud faux fur coat. You'll have the confidence you need to pull it off.

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February 18 — Pisces Season Begins : Pisces are the pretty philosopher fish of the zodiac. They like water, relaxing, and intellectual conversation. Relax with some friends as Rihanna plays — after all, she's the reigning Pisces queen. This doesn't mean that all analytical Virgos want a life of solitude, but it does mean that this full moon is an ideal time for a solo meditation on personal imperfections. Reflect on any changes you'd like to make, and try not to be too hard on yourself as the bright full moon feels the Earth power of Virgo through its transit.

March 5 — Mercury Goes Retrograde : Mercury retrograde means delays in communication, and it's not the best time to sign contracts or travel.

However, the world keeps turning and this cosmic turnaround is never as scary as it seems, so if you can't completely change your plans, simply remember to add extra time to your morning commute or forgive a friend who may be late to dinner. March 6 — New Moon in Pisces : Tap into your inner philosopher with the help of cannabis , if you're in a legal state and partake , unplug from electronics, and kick back to relax and reflect as a new lunar cycle kicks off while embracing the power of Pisces.

March 20 — Aries Season Begins : Aries are strong rams who know what they want and how to get it. The start of Aries season is the perfect time to go ahead and ask for that raise you deserve. March 20 — Spring Equinox : It's a fresh start and a time to plant seeds, both literally and figuratively. Celebrate the Equinox by gardening. If you don't have a green thumb, try decorating your home with flowers and journaling about what you'd like to grow in your own life. You can also craft a vision board if you're a visual person.

March 20 — Full Moon in Libra : Libra is a luxurious sign that loves to look their best , so treat yourself to a spring make-over. Make your plans during this full moon in lovely Libra. Note: Depending on your time zone, this also may take place on the 20th. March 28 — Mercury Goes Direct : Phew! Say goodbye to Mercury in retrograde as you breathe a sigh of relief: The week of lost emails and screwy commutes is over.

April 5 — New Moon in Aries : Enjoy the spring weather and celebrate a new moon cycle by throwing a dinner party, and embrace Aries energy to ensure you're the queen of the table as the new lunar cycle begins as the moon moves through Aries. Use this period to reflect. Jupiter rules laws, philosophy, and wisdom, so when this planet is retrograde take a moment to pause and reflect upon how those themes affect your life.

The Taurus man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

April 19 — Full Moon in Libra : Conclude a cycle by re-organizing your closet a the moon transits in Libra, the sign of balance. Donate old winter clothes or put them into storage, or do a spell to attract new love with Libra power, which is the sign of relationships. April 20 — Taurus Season Begins : Depending on your time zone it may be the 19th, but it's no coincidence that this day is also a friendly holiday.

Taureans love all things luxury, and that includes indulging in cannabis , possibly in a park with a well-curated picnic.

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May 4 — New Moon in Taurus : Act like a cuddly cow Taurus is represented by the bull and stay in for a lavish new moon bath by soaking in salts to cleanse and replenish as we celebrate new beginnings with a new moon in the sign of opulent Taurus. May 18 — Full Moon in Scorpio : There is only one way to spend a full moon in Scorpio, the sign of sex and death, and that is by furiously masturbating under the light of the new moon or getting your kink on with a partner.

May 21— Gemini Season Begins : Geminis, like Scorpios, may have a bad reputation I blame Donald Trump but actually are one of the most delightful signs. They're the life of the party, and as the sign of the twins, they can make great romantic partners because they're in search of their other half.

June 3 — New Moon in Gemini : Go out on this dark summer night to a party or local bar and kick off the new lunar cycle Gemini-style by getting your flirt on. Wear something sheer and flowy as the new moon transits through Gemini. What the two signs have in common is that they both know how to capture a crowd. Let June be a month of heading to parties and soaking up attention. Full moons are infamous for bringing out our animal nature, so lean into that impulse — but this time, wear sequins so the moonlight can bounce off you like a disco ball as it occupies the energy of Sagittarius.

June 18 — Saturn Sextile Neptune : This is the second time this transit occurs in , with a third one approaching in November in a celestial occurrence that hasn't happened since What aspects of your life were you focused on that far back? Reflect and make any connections for your personal journey, and as mentioned in your horoscope beware of overindulging during this transit.

June 21 — Cancer Season Begins : Cancer, represented by the crab , loves its shell, which means the home is very important to them. Enjoy a cuddly night at home with your own family friends, partners, and pets count to kick off this season and rest from so much partying. June 21 — Summer Solstice : The first day of Cancer season is also the summer solstice. Just because you're staying inside doesn't mean you can't let the sunlight in. Celebrate with a BBQ and invite anyone your nearest and dearest.

July 2 — New Moon in Cancer : Embrace the fresh start of a dark sky, new moon, and new lunar cycle by gathering inside with your coven. This doesn't need to be an "official" coven; friends and family count , but whatever makes you feel at home and loved with a new moon in Cancer.